Practicing archery in La Vera Archery

An accuracy sport, its practice requires great capacity of concentration, but also a correct physical training as well.

Activity: We will show you how to pick up a bow, basic shooting positions and some tips, so in the end we can put an apple on the head of one of the group members and then shoot them (just kidding). We will be like Robin Hood.

Duration: 1.30-2 hours depends the group.

Minimun age: 10 years.

Indispensable: want to have a good time.

Advisable: comfortable clothes, water and sandwichs for later.

Includes: all the material, instructor/-s guide/-s depends the group, Civil Liability insurance and first assistance.

Group for 4 to 8 persons
28,00 €
Group for 9 to 12 persons
22,00 €

It’s the beginning for a long journey where we want to give the best of us in a special way: listening, getting better day by day, sharing, never stopping and turning each stay into an unique experience.

We can optimize the journey to La Posada de los Sentidos, turning into an unforgettable experience and an authentic experience, a journey for the senses…

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